Kym’s Story


Kymyonna Hughey Is The Owner And Founder Of Build Your Financial Empire.

She started working online at the age of 19. This was her first experience working with anything online she was at her lowest point in life. She needed a stable job and something that could help her pay for college tuition and bills since she had been staying on her own since she graduated high school as the Student Body President of her school. She realized in her first month working with this amazing company known as MCA that this was the business for her. She generated well over $900 her first week in the company. It was an amazing breakthrough for her because she realized she didn’t need to work to achieve someone else’s dreams when she can create her own. It allowed her to branch out to new things inside of the online marketing world. For example Ecommerce, Digital Altitude, CPA, Forex Trading, Bitcoin, and Shopify. This has been more then just a job it’s been a blessing. She was able to sign a lease for a $1,000 plus a month apartment at 19 years of age with no cosigner and provide proof she was making 3x the income she needed to cover rent! This goes to show anything is possible if you put your mind to it. She will continue to help others start there financially free journey and hopefully change lives along the way. If your an action taker then join the team of money makers purchase her 6 Figure training and start your life today!