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Some Of Our Questions Relate To
-Refund Policy
-Millionaire In The Making Course
-Monthly Fees
-How We Determine Our Pricing
-Where Do We Get Our Information
-How Long It Typically Takes For The Average Person To See Results

What’s your return policy?

We do not offer refunds. Each person has a disclaimer they have to sign in order to proceed with their purchase.

How do I know if i'll see results?

You determine your own success we will provide you with the training content to put you in the right direction.

How much can I make with her training?

There is no limit on what our students can make from our training. As long as your willing to put in the work ethic and dedication your results are endless.

How many courses are in Build Your Financial Empire LLC?

Build Your Financial Empire is always updating new content so check the website frequently.

What course should I purchase?

Read through the description on each course you select and see which one is a best fit for you.

I have never done online marketing before which course is a best fit for me on the Build Your Financial Empire LLC site?

Kymyonna Hughey the Owner and Founder of Build Your Financial Empire LLC she started with MCA also known as Motor Club Of America. Her advice if you are new to online marketing is to start with her *Starting MCA Exclusive Course* it will definitely help you get your foot in the water of the online marketing world and help you decide what you might need in the future!

Is it monthly?


Do I have access to this course if I cancel before the 8 months is over?


Do I have to be in the course when it started in order to get the content I missed in the past months?

No, you can purchase the course and still have access to the weeks and months prior.

Can I order this course after the graduation?

Yes, but the prices will go up to its original price which average around $1,000-$2,000 so be mindful of this.

How does Build Your Financial Empire Determine The Prices Of Each Course?

This is determined by the value given in each course sometimes more.

What Programs Have Monthly Fees?

We have a few so be sure to pay attention to this when you are reading through the courses.

What courses did her students take that have helped them see $1k days?

Some of our top courses would be the Millionaire in the making and Advanced Exclusive Facebook Ads Course.

Do I have to participate in every business model inside of this program?


Where will graduation be held?

Kymyonna will announce the location inside of the Millionaire Group

Once I purchase the course where do I find my coach?

Contact Kymyonna or Drake and they will add you to the Millionaire In The Making Secret Group so you can have access to your to do list and find out your coach.

Where does Build Your Financial Empire LLC get its information?

From a variety of trusted resources the has helped Kymyonna with her own business ventures.

How long does it typically take to see results?

There is no way for us to tell anyone when they will see results. Each person is different and learns differently.

Where do I go to access my training?

Log in to our site and click on the course you purchased you will have immediate access.

How do I get access to another course if I purchased more then one?

Watch The How To Video Below ?